You are not failing at motherhood.

I would just like to tell you that you are not failing. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us that we are doing a good job, that they see the hard work it takes to wrangle kids, work a job, cook, clean, take care of yourself and everyone else. I am thankful for you. I am with you in the trenches daily and I am giving you a big ol ciber hug right now! These are for my people, my mom peeps who are going to bed frustrated, tired, happy, or all of the above!

To the mom who fed her family a homecooked meal tonight, GREAT JOB! That is really hard work!

To the mom who popped in a frozen pizza for her family, GREAT JOB! That is so fun and my daughter would have been so excited about that dinner.

To the mom who loaded up her clan and went through a drive thru, GREAT JOB! I’m sure your kids were super pumped and man o man if I were financially rich the first thing I would do is eat out for every meal. It is such a special thing.

So all you moms, whoever you were, the cassarrole queen, the drive thru sue, the awesome pizza lover. . . .you did an awesome job because

you fed your kids, you filled their bellies, and you kept them growing. That is all that matters. That makes you a great mom.

To the mom who dropped their kids off at school today, or watched them catch the bus, way to go!

To the mom who got her kids up and sat down at the dining room table to start a day of school together, I am loving you, I AM you. . . you are doing great and you are so very appreciated!

To the mom who got up with littles and dropped them off at daycare to go to a job, thank you for providing for your family that you love so much or thank you for helping your husband provide, that is so hard and you are rocking it out. Your kids love you, and no one can ever replace you as mom!

To the mom who got up this morning with a little in toe for a day at home, you are so incredibly wonderful! It is not easy talking to a child all day, it is not easy loving all the little years in the midst of messes and bad attitudes, but you are doing it with such grace. You are loving on your littles with everything within you. You are succeeding.

You moms are my heros! No one can do what you do for your kids and all of you deserve a thank you because…..

you care about the well being and education of your kiddos! You care about how they are cared for. . . and that makes you a great mom.

To the mom who was completely loving and peaceful with her kids today, I applaud you and I cherish you and your sweet spirit. Please come over and hug me really tight so that some of your sweet grace will rub off on this young, inexperienced mom that has so much still to learn. You are your kids’ rock, and they will find peace in you.

To the  mom who yelled today. . . can you come over so we can lament together? Your mothering is not the sum of ONE moment. . it is the sum of many, and if you are feeling bad about a bad attitude you had, you more than likely are not like that all the time. If you cared enough to feel bad, then you are doing great, mom. Because you love your littles enough to want the best for them! Tomorrow is a new day. PRAISE THE LORD! His mercy is new each morning. Keep going mom, pray for patience. . . pray for mine too while you’re at it. We are going to be ok.

To the mom who hugged her kids a lot. Bless you and bless those sweet kids who know their mother loves them. You are wonderful.

To the mom who felt like she did not hug her kids enough. Bless you and bless those sweet kids who know their mother loves them. 🙂 And if you really want to make it up to them, go right now and give them the biggest squeeze!

All you moms, the patient ones, the impatient ones, the huggers and the ones who just had a hard time feeling today. . . you are doing great because

you care enough to show love to your kids, the love that they need and desire. You care enough to right wrongs and hug it out. That makes you a great mom.

To the mom who is tired. You have not slept in quite a while and you are beginning to forget what the difference between AM and PM are and what your bed looks like. This too shall pass. Grab some coffee, crack open your bible and drink it in. This is just a season. Grab a friend, ASK FOR HELP, most people really are not just saying, if you need anything call me, for kicks. Let people help you and be blessed and let them be blessed and let your littles be blessed. You are giving it your all and I commend you for your selflessness.

To the mom who is totally getting all that sleep and feeling energetic and chipper. Go to the above mom’s house and lend a hand!! Because, chances are, you have been there and your understand. Or take that time to pour all this new found energy into those kids!! You are, after all, probably the one person they always want to be with! You are awesome! You are who I will one day be again! I can not wait to be with you in the happy land of wide awake! Thanks for showing us that the seasons do end.

you both are giving of yourselves! You both are sacrificing your days to care for others. Thank you. Thank you for being there for your kids. That makes you a great mom. 

To the mom that is lacking in joy for this crazy mothering job or simply in life. Run to the one that can give you water that will never run dry! Christ is our joy and in him it is everlasting. Grab a friend. . .talk it out, look at your children and pull them close when you want them the farthest away. You WILL get there. Love sometimes is a choice, even for our little ones. . . its ok if you are having to make that choice. . the fact that you care enough to be concerned means you are already there. You are a good mom.

To the mom that finds her greatest joy and calling in her mothering. . . thank you!! We need moms like you, reminding us in our dark moments that these little hearts are worth it! That mothering is an eternal calling! We are building soldiers for Christ!! Thank you for showing us that our joy is found in Christ and that our gifts are from HIM. I NEED you, I NEED you reminding me of this when my mind and my heart begins to forget. You are a good mom!

you are both trying to love your kids the best you can! You WANT to love your kids as much as they deserve. That makes you a great mom!

So to you moms, young and old. Thank you. You are not failing at everything. All of us are in different seasons, that’s why we all need each other. Encourage a mom today! Go to the mom with the screaming children and look her in the eyes and tell her that she is not failing, that she is hanging in there and you admire her for loving her kids when the world now a days says that they are just bothers. Go to the mom that others do not see and tell her that you see her! You see her and how hard she is working for her kiddos hearts! Just go and be encouragers, not judging one another but joining hands because we should all know, this mother thing is hard. Gosh, this life thing is hard. So lets make a PACT right here and now. If you are a mother, if you love your child, if your hearts desire is to get this mother thing right, then I will stand beside you. I will not push my habits onto you. I will offer help when ASKED and not think you need to hear something just because. I will sit with you and cry. I will pray for your child. I will love you. I will not let you think that you are failing, because you are NOT failing. If you are worried, well the fact that you care so much. . .makes you a great mom.



2 thoughts on “You are not failing at motherhood.

  1. You wrote this so long ago and I don’t frequent my blog much…but stumbling across your sweet comment made me joyful. I’m so glad it encouraged your heart, and I pray whatever season you are in, that you are seeing sanctification happen and the sweet joy of Christ is evident in it!


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